Ethan Hammerstrom

As a Union Board Director I would like to increase the number of quality programs on campus. I want to accurately reflect student interest whether that be the concerts or the weekly film series that we organize. I would also like to provide new and creative events that will cater to every student. Increasing student awareness of the events occurring on campus is another area that I want to address as a director. Many students do not know about the events that occur on campus and I want to make sure that every student has the knowledge of all of our events.

Luke Mongin

Hello everyone! I am currently serving as the Vice President of Finance for the Union Board and wish to continue with the organization next year. I believe that it is essential that the board continues to expand its co-sponsorship opportunities while maintaining our core programs. Most importantly, the voice of the students should be the primary factor in guiding the decisions of the Union Board. We are here to serve the students and should value your opinions above all others. I want to hear from you so reach out ( and let me know your suggestions for programs that you want to see at IU. Please take a moment out of your day to vote Luke Mongin for Union Board Director.

Yasmine Raouf

As a Union Board Student Director, I hope to bring relevant speakers and events to highlight the diversity of campus and create meaningful conversations. In addition, I want to create connections with organizations throughout campus in hopes of curating programs that students are interested in and care about. It is important to emphasize all different corners of campus to make sure they are heard and represented, and as a Union Board Student Director, I can work to ensure these organizations are represented.

My goal as a Union Board director is to enhance the college experience of IU students through quality programming. I plan to utilize the unique resources that Union Board is afforded to create events that promote multicultural understanding, encourage intersectional social engagement, provide healthy alternatives to drinking and drug use through late night programs, and offer entertainment that draws students to the Indiana Memorial Union. I will improve Union Board's position in the campus community through meaningful partnerships and effective outreach that will ensure that ALL students are impacted by UB programming. Additionally, I will uphold the commitment that Union Board has to be stewards of the Union building and will strive to grow the relationship between the board and IMU facilities management.

Joshua Thomas

Having served as a Union Board Director for the past year, I feel as if I have the experience and knowledge to continue serving the IU students and campus on the 108th Indiana Memorial Union Board. My main goal as a Director will be to program first and foremost for the students, and I plan to do this by taking students' opinions and feedback and using them to plan events that are the most relevant and entertaining to my peers. I want to ensure that every single student on campus has at least one event every semester that they are interested in and excited for, because it is our job as the Union Board to represent the entire student body, not just specific demographics. Voting for Beth Nethery means that you are voting for your interests and your events, and overall a better campus.

Beth Nethery

As a director of Union Board, I will contribute my leadership skills to help Union Board reach out a larger variety of students. I will plan to create a mentorship program that helps with students’ academic studies. My personalities and skills align with Union Boards values, collaboration, responsibility and leadership. I am confident to say I am prepared to be a director for next semester!

Binbin Wang

If elected to the position of Director, I will work to put on musical programming that reflects the tastes and wants of our diverse student body. I believe it is of utmost importance that students have access to events that are representative of their unique wants. I believe this can be achieved through increased committee and Assistant Director participation at the Union. I will increase vertical transparency within the committee, allowing members to be more involved with the process of selecting artists. This increased transparency will also provide additional learning opportunities to members who are eager to become Assistant Directors, or who have professional aspirations in the music industry beyond IU. Furthermore, I believe my past and continued service to Union Board in addition to my professional experience within the music industry make me a prime candidate for Director of Music.

Mark Matsuki

As a future Union Board director, my vision is to serve as a vessel through which the entire student body is represented. I plan to implement programs that address the concerns and ideas of all students. I want to see Indiana University as a campus that governs the cultural identities of all types of students without disregarding any individual populace. Unifying students through programs that are entertaining and educational is a tradition that I plan to uphold.

Jermaine Williams

As a Union Board Director I plan to bring all the committees together to create joint committee events where the members of multiple committees can get to know more of their fellow Union Board members.  I will to the best of my ability bring creativity and tradition to my committee.  The classic IU events students enjoy I will continue, while also offering new event ideas to engage more of the student body.  Union Board is changing every year with new directors and members, and thus we need to adapt our Union Board to best serve those students interests.  However, we must never forget our main purpose which is to serve IU as diligently and passionately as we can.

Tyler Strunk

My goal as a Union Board director is to provide students with the full college experience by encouraging them to get involved on campus and to attend the various programs put on by Union Board.  I would like those students who stay in their rooms to come out and get active with the campus by hosting events that interest them. I would like the Indiana University campus to be inclusive. I plan to achieve this by surveying all students on what they’d like to gain from going to different events and implementing those ideas. I would like to make the campus more integrated by reaching out to various identities on the IU campus, highlight reasons on why students are separated from the larger IU community, and assist with fixing the problem.

DaAsia Johnson

My goal as a future Union Board Student Director is to plan and create a wide variety of events for students. By doing this it will allow students to participate in all events and having a wide selection to choose from. As a result of this,  student to staff communication will be scattered around campus and a lot of interaction. Also, I plan to improve the Indiana University community and Union Board staff by achieving my personal growth while working in office and communication with other staff, while never forgetting the Indiana University traditions.

Kynnedi Mitchell

As an international student, I have a special interest in inclusion and diversity. My number one goal as a future Union Board Student Director is to create more programs that would make IU feel like home to every student. Welcome Week is easily the greatest tradition at this school. The activities that happen during this week help everyone to prepare for a successful year, but most importantly, experience the true meaning of being a Hoosier. However, transfer students or new students coming to IU late do not get a chance to go through that same excitement. Therefore, if elected to be a Union Board Student Director, I will work towards creating those similar types events in the spring, as a way to welcome new students and celebrate the new semester.

Thao Nguyen

As a Union Board Director, I intend on bringing exciting, unique, and thought-provoking experiences and events to students campus wide. Given the opportunity to be a director, I will create a collaborative environment that invites criticism and suggestions from UB members and non-members alike. My goal is to put on events that speak to a broad group of people – events that will take students out of the grind of school work and into an experience that reminds them of the true purpose of college: Discovery. If elected to be a guiding member of Union Board, I will give students opportunities that let them explore their own unknowns and unearth experiences outside or within their field of study.

Magdalena Gomez

The Student Union Board has always sought to engage the immediate student body at Indiana University through various community based interactive events such as lectures, concerts, and activities. I intend on reaching a larger audience of students who previously might have been unaware of the fantastic opportunities, and events, Union Board has to offer through the use of partnerships with other student based organizations. My current position as the Assistant Director of Finance has allowed me to truly understand all facets of Union Board, giving me valuable insight as to how to effectively facilitate a committee, manage a budget, and incorporate a greater student involvement. If elected I intend to maximize my position to the best of my abilities, and put every ounce of energy I have towards enhancing the overall student experience whilst at Indiana University.

Samuel Beck

I want create programs that students genuinely enjoy. Through these events I want ensure great experiences that can be shared as memories for students throughout their life. Also to keep students coming back to more and more events and telling others about them as well. As a leader I want to establish great team work to reach these goals.

Tyler Miller

As a sophomore, I have gained experience working as a Union Board member for two semesters while looking forward to the years ahead. While serving as a member and then assistant director, I have worked to help plan events and have volunteered my time in diverse areas to improve campus life. My passion for Indiana University and student involvement comes through my effort with Union Board. I am excited about the prospect of furthering my involvement as a possible Director.

Adrienne Schwartz

Union Board has been a part of my life since the fall of my sophomore year. As a current assistant director, I help with the Spirits & Traditions committee, planning fun activities to get everyone as pumped about IU as I am. As a Union Board Director, I plan to reach out to every student at IU with their input on what events should happen on campus. A survey will help us cater the year of UB events to you and really help us with attendance and marketing. Not only will we market to on-campus students, but those of you living off-campus can feel more involved as well. I plan to put up flyers at different bus stops and apartment complexes, because every IU student should be informed about fun events happening in and around campus. I hope every IU student can feel involved with me as a director.

Emily Carr

Since Union Board is the largest student programming body at Indiana University, and has been around for many decades, we need to continue to strive for excellence. As a Union Board director, I will embody all of the traits needed to continue to push for this excellence. My mindset is that for every decision that you make, there is a trade-off, and we need to make those trade-offs affect everyone in the smallest way possible. What I would like to see in Union Board is to get more connection with the students themselves. Whether this is through stronger marketing or constant interaction, I figure that with a stronger connection Union Board will continue to prosper as one of the greatest organizations IU has to offer.

Zachary Woodley

As a future Union Board Director I would like to promote a cohesive environment for the student body of Indiana University.  I seek to create a communal environment in a variety of ways that promote the abundance of diversity and culture fostered in Indiana University's history. I plan to give back to the university and demonstrate my gratitude by promoting unity among us all. To be able to give back to the school that has given me so much would be a great honor.

Christiana Jerry

As Hoosiers we know that Indiana University is THE best university in the nation, and together we all can continue to make it even better! Expanding and reaching out beyond the borders of Union Board is essential to the improvement of Indiana University. I would like to work hand-in-hand with administrators and other student organizations to continue to develop strategies and efficiently invoke change. Striving to make each day better than the last and continuing to improve the lives of as many different individuals as possible is paramount. I would like to hear from the student body and other students within Union Board to see what is most important to them and what improvements they would like to see as well. It would be an honor to serve on Union Board. Thank you.

Drew Halter

Andrew Peterson

As a director I hope to create a space on campus where everyone can fit in and celebrate their interests. It is my goal to celebrate the diversity here on campus. I hope to continue all the great work that the Indiana University Union Board has a proud tradition of. I want to create an environment that not only helps students flourish academically but also helps them become active citizens of the world we live in. I hope to effectively lead with my communication, organization, and time management skills. I aspire to bring together everyone on campus and work together to better our community and university alike.

Hello my name is Tytiana and I am running for a Union Board Director and my goals Consist of getting many people involved , providing different fun and adventurous activities, and having multiply committees join together on many occasions so people do not feel obligated to one committee. I want to get people to come out to the events and wonder who we are and feel comfortable tojoin us.  I would like to establish a welcoming, enthusiastic, fun and willing team to come together and make Union Board something people want to join and be apart of.

Tytiana Cullum

My goals as a Union Board Student Director are to help bring together the students of Indiana University and create programs that will enhance the experiences students have at IU. I want to not only showcase and highlight the talent from local artists and bands in Bloomington and at IU, but help the community as a whole. It’s a fact that Hoosiers know how to have a good time, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to create a place for Hoosiers at IU to come together and have the time of their lives.

Matthew Steinman

The Union Board is an organization whose ultimate purpose is to serve the student body at IU. They create experiences, promote diversity, and incentivize growth. They are the heartbeat of IU. My goal as a future Union Board Student Director is to make this work known to the students and faculty of IU. This organization creates so many events and does so much work that goes unnoticed by the overwhelming majority of people, and this is a real shame. Getting involved is one of the most exciting things a person can do. I want to give the students of IU the opportunity to not only learn more about what the Union Board is, but to become active and get involved through the events offered.

Ryan Lampe

I believe that Indiana University is a home for students of all backgrounds. For that same reason, I believe everyone should have a voice. As a future Union Board Student Director, I plan on extending the opportunity to become involved to all students. I believe that we can make everyone's time at Indiana University the most memorable by giving our student body the events it wants, and there is no better way to accomplish this than through direct interaction with all of our students. I will make a conscious effort to promote that interaction, as well as putting forth all of my time and effort to fulfill our mission: to foster student involvement and growth while staying true to our Hoosier identity. Together we can build that identity through unity and involvement.

Timothy Marlett

As a Union Board Director my overarching goal is to cater to the University's wants and needs, and enrich the lives of as many possible students. In my opinion the Union Board is a club that brings life to the campus, and I wish to assist in this venture. I want to take the leadership skills I've adopted in the Greek community and bring them to the University as a whole. In other words, I wish to be great leader in this student ran organization and bring absolutely all I can to the table. If I am elected as a Union Board Director I will make it a main priority to enrich the lives of all students at Indiana University.

David Steuerwald

My goals as a Union Board Student Director would be to create an experience unlike any other for IU students now and to come. I want to give students memorable experiences that will make their time at IU unforgettable. I would like to bring in new performers and artists that everyone across the campus would love to see. As the largest organization on campus I feel it is our obligation to provide students with events and opportunities they are excited about. As a Union Board Student Director, I hope to creatively innovate the already amazing organization that Union Board is.

Molly Sheban

I believe the duty of a Union Board Student Director is to ensure an extraordinary campus experience for all students. Students from all walks of life should be able to join together in any event and break out of their comfort zones; no student should feel as if they don't have a place at Indiana University. As a Union Board Student Director, I would set wheels in motion to make this happen. Through heavier emphasis on culture and diversity, I believe the Union Board can bring something bigger to the table. I believe we should bring to light what an exceptionally diverse campus has to offer - I have a vision for Indiana University and the Union Board: stronger incorporation of traditions, customs, attitudes, and festivals into events and programs should be used as a way to spread awareness that being extraordinarily different is always in a student's best interest.

Joshua Noll

My main goal for the Union Board is to make the presence of the board more known. We do this by collaborating with other leadership and social organizations and planning events with them. By doing this, we give the student body a safer alternative of event on a given day. Also, this helps grow the IU community by helping many of the university's organizations focus on their strength and do something great on a local, state, and possibly national scale.

Ronnie Salters

Serving others and ensuring the positivity of others around me is something that I take to heart. I want each and every student here at Indiana University to have extremely fun and engaging experiences on campus. As somebody who truly cares about others, this is why I have decided to run as a Union Board Student Director, and I'll strive to implement and suggest events to the Union Board which promote entertainment and engagement amongst our student community!

Connor Nelson

My goals as a future Union Board Director is to use my knowledge and feelings as of now, viewing things from a student perspective who isn't on the board. There are things that i am passionate about bettering for IU Bloomington's campus as a whole. One very important goal is to ensure that students feel they have an equal opportunity on being fully aware of current/upcoming events on campus and feel as though they have endless opportunities for happiness and succession in the time they have here.

Imani Wilson